What we do

  • The Foundation aims primarily at helping first-degree students
  • Grants are intended to be supplementary, maximum grant being £1000
  • The majority of funding required should have been obtained from other sources
  • Shortfalls of more than £3000 will not be considered
  • You are advised not to apply until you have a confirmed college placement and a full understanding of the costs involved. Enclose proof of your offer.
  • We are unable to contact referees on your behalf and References must accompany your application
  • Due to limited funds we cannot offer grants to students who wish to study outside the UK
  • There is always a queue of applications under review by the Governors. Only 1 in 20 applications obtains an award
  • Previous grant recipients should include details of their previous grant, amount, year received and grant number


Because of our limited resources we are unable to assist students within the following categories:


  • Medical students during their first year if medicine is their second degree
  • Medical students during elective periods and intercalated courses
  • Second-degree courses where the grade in the first is lower than 2:1 save in exceptional circumstances
  • Second-degree courses/other postgraduate study unrelated to the first unless they are a necessary part of professional training (e.g. medicine, dentistry)
  • Overseas study or expeditions, emergency funding or clearance of existing debts
  • Music performance (we already support the Guildhall School of Music and the Philharmonia Orchestra)
  • Students over the age of 35 years when their course of study commences save in exceptional circumstances
  • "A" levels and GCSE examinations. Except in exceptional circumstances students on Access, ESOL, HNC, HND, GNVQ and NVQ levels 1-4. 
  • Distance learning, correspondence, part-time and short-term courses may be considered according to circumstances
  • Open University, apart from Engineering which is supported. 



Students will be notified by post regarding the Governors decision and no further correspondence can be undertaken regarding refusal.


Please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope to help keep our costs down.


Good luck.